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Pool Sand Filter Buying Guide


The filtering system of your pool is responsible for the overall clearness of the water in the pool. The chemical that is being used also plays a major role, but a substandard, and dirty filter will prevent the water from looking clear and clean. To be able to determine the right pool sand filter that is essential for your pool, you need to perform a simple calculation which includes the volume and the GPM or flow output. Sadly, mot most technicians are employing these. They are highly relying solely on what type of filter will work for a certain pool. As the owner, you have to make sure that the right techniques and calculation was performed in your swimming pool in order to determine the right sand filter.


Pool Sand Filter Buying Guide

A sand filter is the most affordable and most common filtering system. In the most typical purpose, the san filter works as efficient as the other filter such as DE and Cartridge. The only difference is it has a lower capacity in removing a microscopic level of dirt, which is unnecessary for the most part. So those who are looking for a cost-effective solution on their pool will find the sand filter a very reasonable solution.

The Size of the FilterBio-sand-filterr

In order to determine the size of the filter, you should first calculate the volume of the pool. It is not highly necessary for you to be accurate on the calculation 100%. With the rectangular-type of pool, multiply the length, width and depth of the pool and multiply it by 7.5, for the round pools multiply the radius of the pool twice and then multiply it to 3.14 and the measure of depth before multiplying it to 7.5 for the kidney pool, multiply the average length, width and depth and then multiply it to 7.0. After you managed to compute the volume, multiply the volume by 3. This will verify the turnover value in daily basis into gallons. After knowing the turnover, you may now find the right pool sand filter needed for your pool.


There are a lot of manufacturer of pool sand filter; however, some of the most popular brand of sand filters would be Zodiac, Hayward, and Pentair. Opting for a tried and tested brand is necessary to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. But still you have to make sure that the sand filter that you are going to buy is properly sized with your pool.

Pool Sand Filter offers the most essential function of filtering system like the DE and Cartridge but without the costly maintenance and excessive price. If you are a pool owner, and you are looking for equipment that will keep the water clear and clean, then pool sand filter would be the best for you.