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How to Resurface Your Pool with Pool Plaster Repair

Plastering your pool is a great way to help give it a water tight seal once again. When installed properly, plaster, also referred to as cement can remain useable for put o twenty years’ time. However, overtime it’s not uncommon to have to do a bit of pool plaster repair to provide essential maintenance to keep your pool functioning for many years to come.

When you notice any erosion from your pool plaster job it’s important to make sure you handle the issue promptly to avoid any additional damage from occurring.

Pool Plaster Repair Job

A pool plaster repair job, is a large task to complete. But when you have the ripool-plaster-repair ght tools, and knowhow for the job, like professionals do, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Hiring someone that understands and has the experience necessary to do a great job not only saves you time but money in the process.

The first thing the professionals will do when starting your pool plaster repair job is to empty the pool completely. This is essential because they will be using electric tools to get the job completed. Any hanging pieces from previous pool plaster repair jobs can be chiseled away to remove them, then the entire area will be sanded down with an electric sander.

Once all the finish is removed, and the sanding has been completed, it will be time for the professionals to apply the new plaster. Applying the plaster will require the use of a tool called a trowel. This way they can easily plaster up around one inch of cement at a time. When they finish the first coating, it will be time to allow it to dry. Once it is dried, a waterproof sealant will be applied. After everything has been fully dried, the water can be refilled in the pool.

What to Watch Out For

Once they refill your pool, you may begin to see a grayish hint on the pool plaster repair area. This is not uncommon, so it’s important to not be alarmed by this if it happens. It’s just referred to as mottling and with any pool plaster repair job, it’s a natural process of the final product. When the job is completed by a professional, you will notice a brilliant blue tint to the water which will help to provide you with an elegant appearance to your swimming pool.


When you begin to notice any issues that may require maintenance or a pool plaster repair job, it’s important to contact professional services right away. Allowing these issues to go on longer than necessary can do additional damage to your pool and end up costing you more money in the future.